Criminal Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud Lawyers, Representing Clients in Investigations by the I.R.S. and Grand Juries and in Prosecutions by U.S. Attorney’s Offices and the Department of Justice; Criminal and Civil Tax Controversies 

Offices in White Plains and Manhattan

At the Law Office of Jared J. Scharf, we provide experienced legal advice and outcome-oriented representation to individuals who are targets of tax investigations and prosecutions conducted by the I.R.S. Criminal Investigation Division and by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, including Title 26 grand jury investigations and administrative investigations.

We achieve results:

In 26% of our criminal cases, we persuaded the I.R.S. not to seek prosecution authorization from the Department of Justice.

In 62% of our cases, we entered into plea agreements with the U.S. Attorney that led to a sentence of no jail time for our clients.

In 2 of our cases, we persuaded the courts to dismiss indictments without trial.

In civil tax refund and deficiency cases and in forfeiture cases, we won or settled for less than 10% of the total of the taxes and penalties that the I.R.S. initially claimed that our clients owed.

More often than not, we have defeated civil tax fraud penalties (75% of the tax on the fraud items). We have also persuaded courts in our civil tax cases to order the I.R.S. to reimburse the client for a portion of the legal fees and expenses that the client paid.

We are criminal tax and tax fraud lawyers. We don’t prepare wills. We don’t do estate tax planning. We don’t handle divorce, street crimes, house closings, DWI, personal injury, medical malpractice, or anything else. Just tax evasion and criminal and civil tax fraud. We don’t handle small I.R.S. collection cases. We rarely handle large I.R.S. collection cases. We only practice in the area we know best: white collar criminal, criminal tax defense, and civil tax fraud audits and trials.

Our strength derives from the experience of Jared J. Scharf. Mr. Scharf investigated and prosecuted every kind of criminal tax matter during his days as a Trial Attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division (1977-1984) and defended clients in multiple cases in his 28 years as a criminal tax defense lawyer.

Jared J. Scharf personally handles or supervises every aspect of every case from beginning to end. He is assisted by Adam L. Scharf. We do not accept new cases that will diminish our ability to provide focused attention and high quality advocacy to our clients. We accept clients’ telephone calls when we are in the office, and we return calls promptly if they are received when we are out of the office.

Our law firm is rooted in the belief that the best outcome for our client is one that is achieved discreetly, without prolonged and costly litigation, and without embarrassing publicity.

Our areas of practice are limited to these types of cases:

  • Criminal tax investigations and prosecutions, involving charges of tax evasion, tax fraud, and conspiracy


  • Civil tax litigation resulting from criminal tax investigations and IRS assertions of fraud penalties, as well as other deficiency and refund matters



  •  Other federal and state criminal litigation that arises separately or in conjunction with a criminal tax investigation, including money laundering, currency violations, forfeiture matters, racketeering charges (RICO), bank fraud, securities fraud, antitrust, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.


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